The goal of the 1st International Workshop on Elasticity Mechanisms for Software-Defined Environments (EMSE) will be to bring together researchers and practitioners from both academia and industry to explore, discuss and possibly redefine the state of the art in elasticity relative to modeling, methods and tools applied over any part of services and computing infrastructures as well as use-cases and applications that relate to the notion of Software-Defined Environments.
Concretely, the workshop is expected to provide insight into:

  • modeling: best practices in elasticity modeling as well as benchmarking of infrastructural or software resources in view of intelligent management of large scale environments.
  • controlling : methods or tools for efficient control of multi-dimensional elasticity and its trade-offs
  • testing: methods and techniques for testing elasticity of SDEs
  • applications: new or existing applications or platforms that exploit elastic mechanisms and display adaptive cost and quality characteristics.

This workshop will solicit original research work on fundamental aspects of elastic computing and the notion of software-defined environments as well as the design, implementation and evaluation of novel tools, methods and applications for optimizing a computing system (in parts or as a whole).

We note here that contributions may span a wide range of systems, including (but not limited to) Cloud Infrastructures, Datacenters, Mobile ad-hoc networks, Peer-to-Peer and Grid Systems, HPC architectures, etc. Topics of interest addressed by this workshop include, but not limited to:

  • Elasticity modeling frameworks
  • Intelligent resource allocation for cloud infrastructures
  • Elasticity for distributed, large-scale data stores (e.g., NoSQL databases)
  • Monitoring and analysis of multi-dimensional elasticity
  • Benchmarking and testing of elasticity of SDEs
  • Techniques and methods that measure or provide elastic decision making at any level of application or infrastructure ecosystem Applications and use cases that perform or require elastic resource management

The Elasticity Mechanisms for Software-Defined Environments Workshop
welcomes the submission  of theoretical, experimental, methodological
as well as application papers. Demonstration papers  are also
welcome. The workshop proceedings will be published by IEEE Computer
Society (pending). All submitted papers must:
* be written in English;
* contain author names, affiliations, and email addresses;
* be formatted according to the IEEE Computer Society proceedings
two columns, 10 point, single-spaced, no margin smaller than one inch.
* occupy no more than 8 pages for technical papers and 2
pages for demonstration submissions including the abstract,
references, and appendices.

All submissions should be done online on the workshop submission web
Papers must be self-contained, address all related work and provide
the technical substance  required for the program committee to
evaluate their contributions. Submitted papers must be original work
that has not appeared in and is not under consideration for another
conference or a journal.


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